In a BIIIIIGGGG jungle there was Monkey and an Elephant! The Monkey liked Bananas. He used to eat them all the time- until one day he got thirsty. Watch this video to find out what happened when our thirsty Monkey friend met the Elephant.

The Fox and The Crow Story In Indian Sign Language (ISL)

How to smile. The story of emotions would tell you all.

Abstract concepts such as “Feelings”, “Dates”, “Time” and “Days of the Month” can be a challenge to teach children with hearing impairment. At VAANI we believe in turning these challenges into opportunities to have fun and get creative! Use things you have around the house or classroom to turn every conversation into an opportunity for your child to learn how to communicate better.

Learning English Alphabets (A to Z) in Indian Sign Language

Learning Tools, Games and Exercices

You can also use the VAANI Voice to Visualization Tool. You can learn more about it here.

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